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crazy funny pictures

This is a list of the best and funniest
Facebook Fanpages of 2010!

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Brand new pages

When you reach max level... You stop leveling.

The good ol' Sean Connery

I became fan when this video took a turn to the LOL's!

Awesome Michael Jackson parody

Join ONLY if you are a boy or you are a girl

Do you qualify?

I laughed MAO when I saw this Whale Fail!

It's mean but funny

The pages that give back

All Crazy Funny

Get all crazy and funny stuff in your news feed

Funny Cats on Video

Get funny and crazy cat videos in your news feed!

Robot Videos

Like robots? Get a video in your feed once in a while

Looking forward to the FIFA World Cup 2010

If you're into soccer, don't miss this page for World Cup updates

Funny and awesome pictures


If you haven't already, join this page with 1 mio. fans

Become a fan if you felt sorry for this guy :D

You have to see the picture


The best snapshots from figure skating in the Olympics, Vancouver

Funny and awesome videos

Avatar = P0cahontas, The Trailer

See the amazing similarities

I can't believe this CAR FAIL happened! (MUST SEE)

You must see this video with a very unsuccesful female driver

Your lifestyle

A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer

Atheism: a non-prophet organization

For the ungodly

Become a fan if you have a nightly fight with your blanket

Have you ever struggled with your blanket only to realise, it was a square blanket?

I always stop the micro with 1 second left

Do you always push the stop button on the microwave 1 second before the timer goes off, just so you don't have to hear the annoying beeping?

I've been on F*cebook while I was on the toilet

You know you have. At least with your phone!

I've been domesticated by my cat

Is your cat the houase master?

I don't sleep for days. That would be way to long.

I cannot sleep without a blanket even if it's hot

Do you also feel like, your brain just won't let you sleep until you cover your body with a blanket?

I have never broken a bone!

For those unbroken.

I keep writing 2009 out of the habit!

Does this still happen to you`?

I often play out conversations in my mind!

Do you also play out conversations in your mind, explaining concepts or scenarios or movie plots to your friends in your head, for no reason at all?

I will live forever or die trying.

Who says nothing is impossible. I've been doing nothing for years!

This is a statement to live by

Waking way too early, and then go back to sleep!

Ah, don't we all love it!

Sleeping with my fan on all year long

Do you need something to break the silence or to keep the temperature low when you are sleeping?

One-liners and statements

A clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory

Blonde jokes are simple so men can understand them

If we're all God's children, what's so special about Jesus?

This page is the source of much debate

If meat is murder, then milk is robbery.

I can levitate birds

If you don't like my principles, I have others

I hate the smalltalk during a haircut!

Don't want to tell you where I live, about my job, my family, or any other B.S. Just a haircut please!

I LOVE learning but HATE homework

Don't we all

It's really annoying, when people double-click on a link

If you do, you're either a NOOB or OLD

Meta: About Facebook

Enough with the iHateHayley links for God's sake!

Those links are nothing but spam, and must be stopped!

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Latin women